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Shades of Grey

David Lawrence pants, hunkydorey knit

So this is about as “50 Shades” as I get!

No matter how hard I try with colours, I always seem to revert back to various shades of grey. Don’t get me wrong, I have no aversion to colour but more often than not, I love the subtlety that grey can bring to any outfit. Its classic, contemporary and matches and mixes with so much. My avid readers will know, I am a sucker for luxe fabrics. These pants and sweater being prime examples of putting a quality fabric on the skin and just immediately feeling comfortable and relaxed.

The fall/autumn season is the perfect time to pull out your favorite cozy pieces and wear them simply without having to layer too much. As I always say…comfort and quality is key. (see below for full outfit details)

Shot by: Luke Peloso

mimi 030

Habbot Bootie

Hunky Dory Sweater

David Lawrence jegging

Wearing: Sweater: Hunky Dory from EcoD (Similar) // Pants: David Lawrence // Shoes: Habbot // Long Necklace: Bensimon Boutique // Earrings: ASOS // Bag: Kate Spade // Bangles: Bensimon Boutique // Sunglasses: RayBan

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The New Seasonal Essential

David Lawrence cross body top

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women that wear them will.” Anne Klein

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. There is no excuse other than life has been beyond crazy with my new transition into the fashion world. What I have known and cementing the more I am immersed in the fashion industry, is that it still matters who you are as a person no matter what you are wearing.

Enough of the philospohical – can I just get back to basics and share the love of this amazing wrap top. The wrap dress has always been synonymous with style, shape enhancement and class. This top is my new version of the D.F wrap dress. I have a wardrobe full of pants, jeans, dresses and skirts but my tops are just an array of t-shirts and singlets (tank tops). I know this 3/4 sleeve knit top will be this season new wardrobe essential. Mix it with shorts, jeans, skirts…..well basically anything you like! It will just work. This time I mixed it with my current fave C&M pant and the sneakers that have not come off my feet for the past month (well, not entirely true but they are my frequent go-to)!

Photography: Clint Peloso

Wrap top

mimi 022

Windsor smith white sneaker

C&M white pant

Top: David Lawrence // Pants: C&M // Sneakers: Windsor Smith // Denim Jacket: (old) Gap // Sunglasses: RayBan

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Khaki Kool

Striped tank khaki

I often base my wardrobe choices around my shoes and handbags. Like starting from the ground up I guess. I do have a rather large shoe collection. So many in fact, that I forget I have some pairs. I found these black Sandals in my summer Sandal drawer and had to wear them again. Such a basic, yet classic style that is also comfortable. I added my go-to handbag of the moment and then picked a versatile outfit from there.

And I can’t believe I have been drawn back into the world of pleat front pants! But they add that extra charm and effortless ease that is all about summer dressing. No fuss dressing with classic pieces is the way I love to add style to my wardrobe.

Photography: Milla Kirk Photography



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Summer Sandals 2015 – My Top Picks

I am not sure about you, but I have struggled to find decent sandals this season. The stores are saturated with the trending slide sandals of the moment and those platform chunky sandals that just scream teenager to me. Shoes are meant to extend and falter the line of the leg. Not look like you have a brick attached to your foot. Maybe its a little harsh but it is one trend that I cannot embrace. Thus, I thought if I was finding it difficult then some of you may also be struggling finding a feminine, comfortable shoe. I have scoured some of my favorite shopping haunts and listed just a few for you. I have mix and matched materials, colours and even price points to show you the variety.

Which one if your favorite?

Summer Sandals 2015

1. Country Road // 2. Midas // 3. Ivy Kirzhner // 4. Witchery  // 5. David Lawrence // 6. Witchery // 7. Splendid // 8. Isabelle Marant // 9. Dolce Vita // 10. Chloe // 11. ASOS // 12. New Look

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Gift Guide 2014 – FOR HOME

I’ll admit I am on a bit of a home decorating kick at the moment after finishing my life on tour and living out of suitcases. So I thought what an opportune time to put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for the home.

Gift Guide for HOME 2014

1. Salt and Pepper Grinders // 2. Jonathon Adler Candle // 3. Country Road Wall Clock // 4. AESOP Gift Pack // 5. Sodastream // 6. Kate Spade Small Tray // 7. Kikki.K Mug // 8. Country Road decorative cushions // 9. Stone Candle Votive // 10. C.Wonder Teapot  // 11. West Elm Box // 12. Pia Wallen Blanket

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Gift Guide 2014 – FOR HIM

Often I find the men in our life can be the most difficult to buy for. The men I know are happy with a bottle of wine. But I figured we could do better than that so I have scoured the net and bought you some gifts that I think are pretty color the man in your life.

Gift Guide for HIM 2014

1. Nike Sneakers // 2. Swell Stainless Steel Bottle // 3. Jack London Shirt // 4. iPhone lenses // 5. Snow Peak Titanium Flask // 6. Lululemon Yoga Mat // 7. Country Road Travel Wetpack // 8. Gucci Eau de Tolette // 9. Brass Keychain // 10. Lululemon Duffle Bag // 11. Misfit Activity Monitor // 12. Travel Jump Rope // 13. Country Road Socks // 14. C.Wonder Cocktail Shaker // 15. Marshall Headphones // 15. West Elm Bottle Stoppers

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Gift Guide 2014 – FOR HER

It is that time of year again….aimlessly wandering around the shops with no idea what to by loved ones this holiday season. I have put together some of my top shopping lists to hopefully make things a little easier. This week it’s those cute gifts for that female friend or lovely lady in your life. Next week will be for the men and then after that some lovely home ideas. Stay tuned….. X Mimi

Gift Guide for HER 2014

1. Gorman Bikini Top // 2. Gorman Bikini Bottom // 3. Nails INC. Duo Nailpolish // 4. The Horse Watch // 5. Etre Cecile Tank Top // 6. Pink LouLou Love Knot Necklace // 7. Country Road Pouch // 8. Byredo Perfume // 9. Country Road Keyring // 10. Sass and Bide Crop // 11. Tony Bianco Sandals // 12. Kate Spade Notebook // 13. Kikki.k 2015 Live Bright Calendar // 14. David Lawrence Bucket Bag // 15. Style Book 16. Papinelle Underpants

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The Boyfriend Pant

Scanlan and Theodore 2014-33

Clothes don’t make the man but sometimes his clothes can make the woman!

I am probably the only one of my friends that can’t get enough of the boyfriend pant/jean. I am very  aware that they are a trend item and not for everyone. Normally I preach classism in clothing and I truly believe in that. But there are some trends that we are allowed to embrace if we truly love them..for me its these pants. To counteract the “of the moment’ style of these pants, I teamed it up with this classic sleeveless blouse. This soft blouse is now a staple in my wardrobe. Investing in staple pieces is my ultimate approach to shopping but there is also nothing wrong with having some fun pieces that just make you feel a little bit cool.

All items listed below. 

Scanlan and Theodore 2014-5


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