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OUTFIT – What to Wear for that Job Interview

Interview outfit tips

One of the top questions coming to my office are: “What should I wear to a job interview?”

It’s already a time of anxiety without adding outfit woes into the mix. So here are some of my top tips for dressing the part and getting that job.

1. Dress for the role you are applying for. As a fashion stylist I can get away with these funky heels for a job interview but if you are heading into the corporate world of banking for example,  a more simple pump in a neutral colour and appropriate heel height is ideal. Think of the industry you are heading into.

2. Try not to buy a whole new outfit if possible. The only reason being, is you may not feel comfortable. I am not recommending pulling out that deodorant stained white shirt from the back of your closet but maybe wear a pair of pants that you already own. That being said…I am not the girl to tell you, you can’t buy some new clothes. Just saying!

3. Keep hair and makeup as natural as possible. Of course you should wear some makeup to highlight that natural glow but it is probably not the time to wear your Kardashian lashes.

4. Stick to classic shapes and styles. If you are in a creative industry you can definitely add a touch of personality (as I have done with my shoes), otherwise stick to silhouettes that highlight your body shape.

5. Grooming is essential. Try to avoid chipped nail polish, scuffed shoes or worn out bags. Of course your skills are important but its the small things that can make a difference between you getting that dream job or another close candidate.

6. Avoid All Black. I touch of colour can highlight your face and what you have to say.

7. Feel confident in whatever you are wearing and own that interview.


Photographer: Camilla Kirk 

Moschino bone shoes






Wearing: Pants: Zimmermann // Top: Scanlan and Theodore // Blazer: Helmut Lang (Similar) // Shoes: Cheap and Chic by Moschino (similar) // Bag: Kate Spade

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The Little Black Dress


WOW!! I cannot believe we are at the end of 2015 again. This time last year I was just settling into my new home. life and career. Fast forward 365 days and I really feel like Melbourne is my home. I have met many new friends and creatives and continue to work towards my fashion goals as a stylist, personal shopper and all round stylish gal!

And no stylish woman’s wardrobe is complete without a LBD. I realized I had not owned a simple but elegant version in a long time. I had summer beach versions but nothing ideal for cocktail hour. Until I stumbled upon this easy number from Life With Bird As usual I keep the look simple with a classic but fun heel and clutch. I could easily add some blinged up pieces or an pop of colour.

How was your 2015? I would love to hear.

Photogarpher: Camilla Kirk






Wearing: Dress: Life With Bird // Shoes: David Jones

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Photographer: Clint Peloso

Model: Jayla Harnwell – Elite Models Miami

HMUA: Holly Harnwell

Stylist: Mimi Venker – Call Me Mimi





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Photographer: Clint Peloso

Model: Jayla Harnwell – Elite Models Miami

HMUA: Holly Harnwell

Stylist: Mimi Venker – Call Me Mimi





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Denim Guide 2015


One of the biggest fashion envy moments a woman can have is checking out another woman in the perfect fitting jean. The envy stems from knowing how hard we search for the pair that fits all our bits just so. Whether it be your Kim K butt, athletic thighs, petite length, sexy hips or legs for days, it is never as easy as seeing a pair on a celebrity and going out to buy that exact pair.

My number one tip is…find yourself a tailor! I know it can be a pain but really….who has a sample body?! None of us. I know people that can find the perfect jean at Top Shop or H&M. I unfortunately am not that person. I have a slight length issue that is attached to some “athletic” thighs and non existent calves. So a skinny jean on me usually ends up looking like a straight fit and 3/4 length instead of full length. Other clients may suffer from being gorgeous and petite and need some hem length alterations.

If a tailor is not an option, then you must be willing to go to that dressing room with a friend, positive attitude and at least 10 pairs of jeans! Your friend must prove a truthful and kind opinion and be your runner and pull extra sizes. And please..never look at the size. No brand or style will ever fit the same. So get rid of the size stigma and just buy what feels and looks amazing.

Below is a small sample of some of my go-to brands and top styles for the season. This is in no way exhaustive but merely a step in a good direction.

What was the last pair of jeans you bought and LOVE!?

Denim Guide 2015

Wearing in photo above: Jeans: Sass and Bide Vintage from The Collective Boutique // Sweater: French Connection (old)

Top Picks: Straight Leg: Nudie Jeans (Long John) *These are unisex! // Boyfriend: Sass and Bide (similar) // Flare: Mavi // Skinny: Nobody Denim

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Dress For Your Shape

David Lawrence striped dress

Winter weight gain……it happens to the best of us. And I was not immune this Winter. I don’t know the numbers because I don’t keep a scale but I do know that many of my jeans were too tight to wear in public. Eeek. So I was super pleased when this dress came across the Call Me Mimi desk.

Dressing is all about shapes, cuts and patterns that accentuate our attributes and hide those pesky winter pounds. This dress is a great example for me. The seam and pattern on top narrow at the waist and the diagonal stripes in the skirt section draw the eye down and elongate the legs. Now the only thing to change is that miserable colour on my legs. Oh well…summer is near so I will just have to deal with my pasty skin until then.

Moral of the story is find cuts and shapes that bring out the best in what you have going on! Our bodies all fluctuate and change and although frustrating, it doesn’t mean we have to hide. There are great pieces out there, its just about find what works for you.

Let me know what you need help with.





Wearing: Dress: David Lawrence // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Leather Jacket (old) // Clutch: Kate Spade (old).

Photography: Clint Peloso

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Office Casual

David Lawrence Black Pants

It’s funny how when you start spending more time styling other people you get less time to look your best self! Between styling gigs, personal shopping and my secret life as a physiotherapist, its gets more and more tiring to shop for yourself. Which makes the bank balance happy I guess.

I love to show you how the basics in anyone’s wardrobe can be used multiple times and multiple ways.

1. The Blazer (Helmut Lang): I bought this last year after looking unsuccessfully for years for the perfect blazer. Like many people my shape is not typically “off the rack” size. My shoulders are broad, smaller bust, long arms and high waist. So blazers that fit around my shoulders are too big everywhere else and more often than not, never fit my long arms. So I decided to up the price range and stepped into one of my favorite stores in Melbourne (Marais) and look for my perfect blazer. I walked out with this great Helmut Lang piece (on sale at 40% off) and have rarely taken it off since. Great cost per wear value.

2. White Tee (General Pants Co.): I have worn this tee with denim cut-offs, skirts, jeans and suit pants. I grant you that most white tees don’t last too long (hello, yellow armpit stains), so that is why I don’t spend too much on them. I love a tee that can be used and abused with no stress.

3. Black Trousers (David Lawrence): I struggled for years to find the perfect black pants but more recently I have found more frequent success. I love the timelessness of these pants with their slight nautical theme of side buttons, makes you feel less corporate and slightly more relaxed. The pant is perfect for a button down blouse or like I have added, a simple white tee. I go for fit, comfort and versatility. Will they work with flats and heels or even a fun sneaker? Pretty much all my black pants are worn multiple ways from a work meeting to a day at the market.

4. Bright Clutch (David Lawrence): A great accessory for an otherwise less than exciting look. The bright accessory draws attention to the great simple details of the outfit. And again, perfect for a work meeting to a night out with the girls.

5. Metallic Heel (MImco): I have had these heels for about 2 years now. And they are my go-to’s for the times when I can’t figure out what else to wear (these and my Nude Jimmu Choo Pumps). You want to wear a heel but the plain black ones are too boring! Mixed with ripped denim jeans, a white pant or black pants, the metallic heel really polishes up a look.

David Lawrence Red Clutch


Shot by: Clint Peloso

Wearing: Jacket: Helmut Lang // Tee: General PantsCo // Pants: David Lawrence // Clutch: David Lawrence: Shoes: Mimco (Similar)

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