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David Lawrence beige knit

The thing about the perfect fitting pant/jean is that they should be your go-to. That pair that mixes and matches perfectly with many tops in your wardrobe. The pair that fits even after a huge buffet style meal. The pair that still fits after a few washes. I know we have all gone through the tribulations of battling the fitting rooms in search of the perfect jean/pant. You think…hooray! I have found pair….only to bring them home, wear them and they have stretched out so much that there is no going back. Or you pop them in the wash and they seem to have shrunk an inch or maybe you’ve grown an inch!

My issues arise with length issues and too much stretch. The secret is the amount of elastane . Too much and you will end up unknowingly with the trendy drop crotch pant and not enough, you may have to do a few stretches and squats to try and stretch them out again or they are now called cropped jeans. These jeans seem to be the perfect fit and versatile (worn here also).  A nice mid rise to cover that large meal and a great length to graze your ankles. And did I mention they are on sale?!

Cole Haan

David Lawrence knit


Photography: Clint Peloso

Wearing – Knit: David Lawrence // Jeans: David Lawrence // Shoes: Cole Haan (Old)

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Boot Obsession


Ahh Fall…..or is is winter already? I can’t really tell. All I know is that I was hit with the annoying stuffy nose and sore throat that winter brings. But now on the other side of it, things are looking up. The rustic tones of winter brings a quite elegance and subdued feel that makes you want to cuddle your partner (or poncho!).

Being a Queensland girl, I could never quite get into the winter clothing. I had piles of boot s from overseas travel that just stared at me longingly from my wardrobe. But stare no more! Melbourne cold weather is just perfect for the boots short and tall. And these boots…..I lusted over them for 2 months before making the splurge. All my friends can attest to this. They had no choice but to listen to me about THE BOOTS that would complete my shoe-drobe. And now I have fund the perfect skinny jean that sit perfectly within the soft suede of my perfect boot. I understand that I may have a slight shoe obsession but every girl needs at least one vice!

What is your fashion vice/obessesion?

Photography by Clint Peloso

David lawrence cape

David Lawrence Knit Poncho

Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots



Wearing: David Lawrence Poncho // David Lawrence Tee // David Lawrence Jeans // Stuart Weitzman Boots // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Longchamp Handbag (Similar)


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Chill and Relax this Winter Season

I will admit, I was not quite ready for the Melbourne winter season to hit so rapidly. But being an optimist, I am excited for the warm layers of dressing with luxe wool and cashmere fabrics.  Winter is one of my favorite seasons for dressing. You can look sharp and pulled together with relatively easy and comfortable pieces. The simplicity of a leather skirt, simple baby wool knit top and topped with a versatile wool jacket will feel like a complete yet easy to wear winter look. Add some classic sneakers (seen here also) or a metallic oxford and you are ready to tackle the cooler elements.

Winter essential 2015

1. Country Road Pants // 2. David Lawrence Top // 3. Marcs Wool Coat // 4. Witchery Scarf // 5. Windsor Smith Shoes // 6. Country Road Boots // 7. David Lawrence Skirt // 8. Windsor Smith Sneakers // 9. Country Road Culottes // 10. David Lawrence Cardigan // 11. Saba Top // 12. Saba Dress

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The Power Pant

Khaki Cue pants

Life is meant for taking chances.

After living in Melbourne for 7 months now, I am finally getting to see the seasons change and have a full blown Autumn season. This Queensland girl is not used to the leaves falling and of course this brisky weather. I am learning how to dress for this season. Not that I’m complaining. I finally get to wear the many coats I have collected from overseas travel and mix and match my wardrobe like Ive never done before.

I am also learning to jump out of my clothing preference box by going bold with these wide leg and high waisted pants. I call these my Power pants. Living rock and roll lifestyle before, I never got to dress in a semi corporate way. Now I can buy and actually WEAR dress pants and pencil skirts and not have them just look pretty in my wardrobe. Ahh how life has changed and I’m loving it!

Photography: Clint Peloso

Black cue knit top

mimi 001

mimi 005

mimi 012

Wearing –  Pants: Cue // Knit top: Cue // Shoes: David Lawrence // Necklace: Bensimon Boutique // Bracelets: Various – Mimco and Bensimon Boutique // Handbag: (old) Cynthia Vincent

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Shades of Grey

David Lawrence pants, hunkydorey knit

So this is about as “50 Shades” as I get!

No matter how hard I try with colours, I always seem to revert back to various shades of grey. Don’t get me wrong, I have no aversion to colour but more often than not, I love the subtlety that grey can bring to any outfit. Its classic, contemporary and matches and mixes with so much. My avid readers will know, I am a sucker for luxe fabrics. These pants and sweater being prime examples of putting a quality fabric on the skin and just immediately feeling comfortable and relaxed.

The fall/autumn season is the perfect time to pull out your favorite cozy pieces and wear them simply without having to layer too much. As I always say…comfort and quality is key. (see below for full outfit details)

Shot by: Luke Peloso

mimi 030

Habbot Bootie

Hunky Dory Sweater

David Lawrence jegging

Wearing: Sweater: Hunky Dory from EcoD (Similar) // Pants: David Lawrence // Shoes: Habbot // Long Necklace: Bensimon Boutique // Earrings: ASOS // Bag: Kate Spade // Bangles: Bensimon Boutique // Sunglasses: RayBan

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The New Seasonal Essential

David Lawrence cross body top

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women that wear them will.” Anne Klein

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. There is no excuse other than life has been beyond crazy with my new transition into the fashion world. What I have known and cementing the more I am immersed in the fashion industry, is that it still matters who you are as a person no matter what you are wearing.

Enough of the philospohical – can I just get back to basics and share the love of this amazing wrap top. The wrap dress has always been synonymous with style, shape enhancement and class. This top is my new version of the D.F wrap dress. I have a wardrobe full of pants, jeans, dresses and skirts but my tops are just an array of t-shirts and singlets (tank tops). I know this 3/4 sleeve knit top will be this season new wardrobe essential. Mix it with shorts, jeans, skirts…..well basically anything you like! It will just work. This time I mixed it with my current fave C&M pant and the sneakers that have not come off my feet for the past month (well, not entirely true but they are my frequent go-to)!

Photography: Clint Peloso

Wrap top

mimi 022

Windsor smith white sneaker

C&M white pant

Top: David Lawrence // Pants: C&M // Sneakers: Windsor Smith // Denim Jacket: (old) Gap // Sunglasses: RayBan

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